Wild Side 30MG CBD Drink

Anyone looking for a refreshing drink with a nice boost of CBD and a little THC? I think I found your next dispensary purchase.

These Wild Side drinks aren't hard to find where I am, I've just never tried them. I tend to be kind of "cliquey" with my cannabis drink choices-- I expect certain things from my drinks and all of them don't compare.

But I got lucky when my friend left this at my house, I waited a week then decided to crack it open.

Doesn't Mango Tropical Storm flavor just sound amazing?

This drink has a 30mg of CBD with only 3mg of THC which makes this perfect for people who don't want to get high. Since there is some THC you will probably feel "something" but you're not going to be faded.

Overall, I enjoyed the flavor but it tasted better when I mixed it with a little fruit punch. There's something about the flavor that's just a little 'off' to me. Just a little!

I haven't tried any of the other flavors so maybe that 'off' feeling just has something to do with the flavor and not the brand.

There is zero cannabis taste which I love and this drink isn't a carbonated one which I also love.

If you know me, you know that sodas aren't my favorite cannabis-infused drinks for many reasons.

This is one that I would buy again in a different flavor.

Has anyone else tried this brand?

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