Why You Should Use Hemp Wick | Add Hemp Wick To Your Smoke Sesh!

What is Hemp Wick?

Hemp wick is a healthier option for your lungs and body than using a lighter. Hemp wick is a string, typically made using hemp and beeswax, that can be used as a replacement to lighters.

Hemp wick can be used to light your bowls, blunts, etc.

Choosing to add hemp wick to your smoke sessions will allow you to better taste your cannabis and smoke confidently without the fear of any harmful chemicals.

Traditional lighters contain butane which can cause long-term health problems. Butane can also irritate the skin and eyes.

Exposure to butane can be fatal, there is no “appropriate” amount of butane to inhale, so why not completely eliminate it.

Butane lighters are popular amongst the stoner community because they are affordable, accessible, and the popular option. Plus, you can get designs on lighters. I’m a simple stoner, give me a lighter with a funny quote or a cat and I’m sold.

Have you ever taken a hit and tasted chemicals? I have-- it’s not a fun experience, especially when you ‘re trying to get high!

Now, are people dropping like flies after lighting one up with a BIC? No. But having the knowledge is important. I was completely unaware of the health risks that butane lighters face until about 2 years ago when my boyfriend bought me Hemp Wick.

I enjoyed the smoking experience while using it and I noticed my mouth didn’t have a slight chemical after-taste (you know you’ve tasted that taste before-- you know what I’m talkin’ about!).

Are you someone who enjoys tasting your weed? Do you enjoy the terpenes and the various notes of pine or lemon or fruit in every hit? Well, odds are you’re not fully enjoying the flavors of the weed you’re smoking when you use a butane lighter.

Does smoking with hemp wick make the experience better?

Yes, smoking with hemp wick makes your entire smoking experience better. Why? Hemp wick successfully retains the flavor of the cannabis that you’re smoking. How? Hemp wick burns at a low temperature; lower than a traditional lighter. Because of the lower temperature, your cannabis is burning cleaner and it is smoother on your lungs. You can feel and taste the difference almost immediately after your first time smoking with hemp wick.

Did you know:

Since hemp wick burns at a lower temperature, you’re retaining more cannabinoids compared to what would be destroyed with the high heat of a lighter. That means you might expect a bit of an elevated high.

How do you use hemp wick?

You can light hemp wick with a match, lighter, candle, anything! Personally, my favorite way to light hemp wick is with a candle. I keep a lit candle around me while I smoke then when I’m ready to take a hit simply place the end of the hemp wick into flame.

While you’re smoking with it you’re going to notice that it [obviously] doesn’t automatically put out the flame as a lighter would… so what do you do? Finish your hit and with your empty hand gently shake the hemp wick to get rid of the flame. You could also just let the flame burn while you complete your hit then put out the wick any way you prefer. A lot of hemp wick rolls and/or containers allow you to shand the hemp wick straight up so that the flame is straight into the air and won’t burn anything.

Hemp wick is easy to travel with. I’ve seen rolls of hemp wick that range in sizes from very small to very big. You can carry rolls of hemp wick in your pocket and there are even hemp wick cases that keep your hemp wick safe. I’ve even seen lighters that have a case around them for hemp wick, so you can light the hemp wick with the lighter.

Overall, hemp wick is a great product offered by a variety of different brands. You can find hemp wick online, in dispensaries, and in smoke shops. Hemp wick is known on these streets!

Choose the natural option, go for hemp wick! Elevate your smoke sesh.

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Happy smoking, buds!

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