Why You NEED a Syringe In Your Life...


Okay, I know what you're thinking.

A syringe!? What tf do you think this is!?

I know. But let me tell you. Don't let the visual appearance of a syringe and the THC contents inside of it scare you.

It's powerful stuff that can be used in numerous ways AND it lasts longer than your favorite box of edibles. I bet you go through that box in 3 days. Oh, 2? Told you.

Here is the syringe that my best friend bought! (I wish I took a picture of the actual syringe and not just the packaging!)

The syringe itself is tiny. But don't let the tiny body fool you, it's very mighty.

This syringe 1000MG. And it costs $45.

Your box of edibles that only has a combined 100MG costs between $18 - $30. Which one sounds more logical for your wallet?

NOW. All you need is a PIN DROP of this stuff for a dosage. It will last you for a while. The budtender quoted my friend about 2 months if she uses a pin drop size.

Of course as you keep using it, especially nightly, you might gain a little tolerance. So over time your dosage will go up slightly, but you're still working with 1000MG of THC, that thing should last you a while!

But wait, how do you take it!?

SO MANY GOSH DARN WAYS I CAN'T EVEN COUNT-- well I can, I'm just high so I'm being dramatic.

You can

1.) put it on your finger and LICK IT (I put it on my finger then slide in on the roof of my mouth)

2.) roll joints and blunts with it (as a sealant or a liner)

3.) top your bowls with it like it's a cherry

4.) do you like bread? put a little on some bread and eat it without thinking twice

Need me to stop? Well, I won't

5.) do you have a vape pen? pop this in a cartridge and it's WAY cleaner and higher-quality than that other stuff you bought

6.) you can mix this shizznit in your drinks (make sure that it dissolves and doesn't just get sticky on the bottom of your cup)

7.) you can take dabs with the syringe directly (if it has a metal tip!)

Um thats all I can think of hahahaha

But do you get it? Syringes are super beneficial. I do get that purchasing a syringe is kind of weird.

They're great if you like to take edibles because you're buying so much more for your price.

They do get pretty messy especially when you're dabbing with them. They're sensitive and need to be kept in a good place to avoid any accidents.

The flavor of this stuff was Potent Pineapple, and oh my gosh, the SCENT IS HEAVENLY! It smells like a tropical pineapple. It's such a sweet smell. And the taste? Exactly that too. The taste is incredible.

When you consume it through your mouth remember that it will take a while to hit-- so allow 45 minutes to 60.

For smokers, this is no different than using shatters, concentrates, wax, oils, and other things that you'd put in a bong or dab rig. It's just inside of a syringe.

When I said that all you need is a pin drop, I literally mean it. This is 80% THC. Not the highest syringe you can get (last one I bought was 97%!!) but it hits really nice.

The way that this company makes their product is supposed to be special, they use water vapor instead of alcohol and all of the other bad stuff that is used when these companies filter your concentrates and oils. You notice the difference when it is used.

I really wish you could smell this stuff! It smells amazing and the sticker on the package was scratch-and-sniff! Best believe I was in the dispensary sniffing every last flavor!

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