What To Do In Quarantine? | Inside & Stoned During COVID-19?


Keep your body moving by participating in some indoor yoga! You can find simple yoga flows for yogi's at any skill level on YouTube, DailyBurn, IGTV, and even Facebook Watch!

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Coloring & Painting

Keep yourself entertained with basic arts & crafts! You'll be surprised how fast time will fly while you're focused on coloring inside of the lines!

Tip: Dollar Tree has an amazing selection of coloring books, craft supplies, and activity books!

Practice Joint / Blunt Rolling

What better time to practice your rolling abilities than during a quarantine? No one is there to judge you. So crack open that quarantine weed and get to rolling!

WeedTube.com is a great place to find tutorials from cannabis content creators!

Fun Fact: Cardi B & Offset are so lonely in isolation that they're passing time by rolling, too!

Support Small Businesses (online & locally)

There are so many businesses that rely on their customers to stay open. If you're shopping then please consider a local shop or online business.

Cook with What You Have In Your Pantry

I love the website SuperCook.com whenever I want to cook or bake with limited ingredients. I've found amazing recipes using 3 or 4 items that I never would have imagined. During this time, some of us may be working with very little and this is a great tool for that.

Learn A New Skill / Take A Free Course

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you new skills. Whether you want to learn the ins-and-outs of a new program or learn how to code, the possibilities are endless.

Clean Your Home

Now is the best time to clean. Get rid of the dust, allergins, and unnecessary trash that riddle your home. The simple motion of cleaning will feel good, keep you entertained, and make time go by faster.

Make CannaButter

Use that stash of quarantine weed to make some liquid gold! Follow my beginner's cannabutter recipe to start!

Listen To These Weed-Related Podcasts

Here are 5 random weed podcasts from my feed that you should listen to!






Create A Designated Weed Spot (if you don't already)

Make sure that your weed always has a safe spot. Even though I don't have kids I like to practice putting away my weed and glass. One way that I do that is closets and this one ottoman that I have in the living room that houses my hookah, rolling trays, weed, and hand pipes for guests.

Having your weed put away is great for moms, roommates, and just anyone! So find a cabinet, a box, an ottoman, a Pringles can, or anything! Keep that weed in a safe space.

Start Your Blog Or Website

It's time. My favorite websites for website building are Squarespace & Wix. For those who just want to blog, try Medium!

Clean Your Closet

We all have clothes that we don't need. Mow through your closet and get rid of some things that you no longer fit, need, or see use in keeping. What should you do with your clothes? Donate to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a local organization. Or, you can sell your clothing. I recommend Vinted, Poshmark, OfferUp, & Depop. (in that order)

Play Daily Bonfire

I love this app. It's a trivia app that has a show 3 times a week where you can compete to win $420. You might see me competing!

Download the app on GooglePlay here.

How are you coping in this quarantine? Hopefully, your weed stash stays plentiful!

Comment what you're doing!

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