Weetos, Gummies, & More | Cali_Ediblez Prize Came!

The goodies came! The goodies came!

Check out the giveaway prize that I won from @Cali_Ediblez on Twitter!

All of the goodies that came were in a completely air-tight sealed baggie-- smart as heck girl.

Here are the 350mg weetos, 200mg medicated gummies, rolling tray, and a lil (1.6g) surprise.

Doesn't this look like the best stash box you could ask for?

A few posts back, I posted about how I won edibles from a canna-chef on Twitter. They didn't take long to arrive at all.

I've been wanting to get my hands on medicated Cheetos for a while because I haven't seen them where I live. Cali_Ediblez is the only one who I've seen have them. It looks like she offers two different types.

I also want to give you guys real reviews on the weetos and the medicated gummy bears, so that's what you will be getting shortly!

But y'all don't know how bad I needed a new rolling tray! I've been rolling tray shopping without any luck, so to have gotten this as a prize from my favorite Canna-Chef makes it feel so much more special!

Anyone who has come over has complimented this! It's sitting on my living room table. It's a perfect size. (My rolling tray collection now has two trays!)

I just wanted to share the contents of my giveaway prize! Best believe you will be getting product reviews.

I've told just about everyone at my job about her amazing work, my mom has tasted some of the treats already, and my friend loves the fact that there are actually weed Cheetos somewhere in the world.

Make sure that you give @Cali_Ediblez a follow on Twitter. If you'd like a chance to win some goodies just follow her! She's a sweetheart and does giveaways whenever she can. Go support!

I can't stress how happy I am! Huge shoutout to @Cali_Ediblez. I'm coming for your cereal treats and mason jar cakes next!

The medicated gummies review and weetos review will be posted soon! So keep an eye out for those.

To see Cali_Ediblez full edible menu, click here!


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