Weed + Roses | Rose Blunt Cones from Mommy's Midnight Snax

Smoke with these beautiful floral rose blunts from Mommy's Midnight Snax.

Such gorgeous cones that smell deliciously rosy.

These rose cones come in bundles of three and can be found on Mommy's Midnight Snax website.

I made a delcious mix of CBD and THC flower for my rose cone!

I used Strawberry Fields THC from my local dispensary and Sunset Road Sherbert CBD flower from GoldenFlower.shop.

Overall, the smoking experience was pretty lovely. The smoke wasn't too harsh, it got harsh towards the end of the blunt, but overall I enjoyed the floral aromas that accompanied the smoke.

These cones are wonderful. They definitely fit my aesthetic.

Have you or would you smoke rose blunts? Let me know!

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