Weed for Spooky Season

I love Fall, I love Halloween, I love all things spooky! I love the change of season that starts taking place on October 1st.

Who wants to get into the mood for spooky season?

I found some Zombie Kush!

This weed was picked up from #BudsGarage in Everett! $10 for 1gram.

I was immediately in love with the packaging, like come on, what better way to get in the mood for Halloween than a zombie on your weed?

The buds themselves looked great, had a pungent smell to them, and weren't too crunchy.

I love the colors of the weed too! It was grown nicely.

This ended up getting smoked the same night and it was finished the same night. It was great! I enjoyed the high, I didn't knock out & was able to do some nightly chores.

Yes, I liked it! I liked it very much.

And side note, the jar is pretty cool and cute too!

What's your favorite strain for Fall?