We've Got Blease. | Now Live Kowa

Blease is a full flavor Hemp infused drink!

They pride themselves on being an all-natural beverage that is made with full-spectrum, US-grown hemp. This bubbly CBD water has 0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 fat-- so anyone can indulge in this drink!

I got their Tangerine + Ginger flavor.

These cans are the prize for winning the Blease giveaway on Instagaram. I posted about that here.

I waited a while to post this because I saw that they were rebranding AND I just wanted to wait.

I waited a few weeks but never forgot about them.

If you're a sparkling water lover then yes, you will love these. They're full of flavor. Don't you hate when the flavor of sparkling beverages is hidden behind all of the bubbles? That doesn't happen here.

I got tangerine + ginger which was a great choice. I'm a ginger fan, I love ginger in just about anything.

I'm beyond happy that I won their giveaway!

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