Vegan Dark Chocolate w/ Sea Salt | 10MG

I ended up hitting up #LocalRoots128th after work for the first time. I lived near #LocalRootsEdmonds for 2 years and I went there very very often.

I did an online pick up to save time.

I saw these chocolates and had to try them!

For $3, you get a tiny 10MG piece of chocolate. It's a dark chocolate piece with sea salt. It's not too sweet at all, was delicious. Didn't have too much of a "weed" taste to it. And it had 420 engraved in it, oooooooh.

Here's the delicious piece of chocolate that I ended up getting.

I bought 2.

For only $3, I think that this a great little treat!

It's a perfect size. It's very aromatic, the second you open the package you're hit with a chocolate scent and a hint of weed. Again, I didn't really taste the weed, the chocolate covered it all up. And I barely tasted the sea salt.

10MG candies really don't hit me like they used to! :(

I also purchased some Apple Candies and a Lemonade drink that I've never tried before!

Here are the stats!

This chocolate was really good, I want to know if I can get a full bar of it. Also, I want to try the milk chocolate one.... why I didn't get that one initially is beyond me.

Welp, lets rate it!

Brand: #EvergreenHerbal

Item: #The420Bar

Amount of THC: #10MG#10MG

Amount of CBD: 0

Taste Rate: 6.5/10

Highness: 4.5/10

#DarkChocolate #Chocolate #Edibles #10MG

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