Try Plain Jane Mini-Haul | $40 in Hemp Flower & Smoking Accessories

Took a trip to my favorite online retailer.. or should I say dealer? I had to get my hemp!

Try Plain Jane is my favorite hemp company. I love heading to them for my CBD flower and trim. Not only are they affordable but they offer hemp-derived CBD products that are diverse to fit your smoking style.

This time, I ordered a few things that I haven't gotten before. I've tried one strain of their flower before but in these last few months, they've added a few new strains and glass jars!

I had to get my hands on these glass jars because they're cute. Plus, I'm the type of girl who doesn't think you could have too many glass jars.

So this time I decided to try a few new strains, their rolling papers, CBD trim, and a lighter.

My order totaled $37.98 which was great because I was trying to stay below $40.

The strains that I chose were Sour Tsunami and Rogue. I got an eighth of both. I picked these strains because they were more affordable.

From the start, the buds looked beautiful in both strains. The smell is so strong and herbal. Both of the strains have an earthy smell. I love the smell, like, I'd have an air freshener of these.

Rogue was the most affordable strain, at $9.99. It's probably my favorite one so far. I love the flavor and the taste of Rogue the most so far.

I use CBD Hemp Flower Trim as a bowl topper or a filler. Trim is also good for rolling quick joints and blunts. I've been thinking about decarbing some trim and using it to make a small batch of butter or use it for a tea? I'm still debating, but I want to experiment with making my own butters, oils, etc; having the trim will make it easier to experiment and practice.

I also chose to go for a Plain Jane lighter and rolling papers. To be honest, those two purchases were for photos! I did need a new lighter though, so I will be repping Plain Jane everywhere. And the rolling papers are so, dare I say, aesthetic. So I had to buy them.

The rolling papers and the lighter will obviously go to use.

And, a note to Plain Jane, I'd love a blue lighter with white words!

I can't wait to tell you guys more about these strains. I'm not disappointed at all so far. Everything looks marvelous, per usual. We'll see how long everything lasts.

Enjoy these photos.

Have you tried Plain Jane hemp products? Check out their full hemp flower selection.

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