Tierra Curativa CBD Tincture

I was so fortunate to have won a giveaway that Tierra Curativa was hosting on their Instagram!

It's been a while since I have had CBD oil. I was so pleased with my last purchase of CBD Oil from Groupon that I knew I had to explore higher-quality brands.

I could immediately tell that this CBD oil was high-quality.

I appreciate the measurements on the tube-- the last oil that I had didn't provide this!

The tincture has a very herbal smell that I can't put my finger on, but I love the flavor and the taste.

I've been placing drops under my tongue as well as putting some drops in beverages.

Another thing that I love doing with CBD tinctures is putting them on my skin! I'll put a few drops on scratches or muscle aches and sore body parts. I'm trying not to go too crazy with this bottle (because who knows when we can afford another!!). This stuff does the job, though-- the pain relief is real.

500MG's will last for a few weeks for me.

Again, I'm super excited for this! I'm beyond grateful. I will post an update when the bottle is finished!

Make sure you check out Tierra Curativa's website! They have a large selection of incredible CBD products that will change your life. I'm checking out their conditioner and body butter as I type!

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