The "OURA" from KandyPens Is On My Wishlist

KandyPens OURA

Starts at:


Compatible with:

Concentrates & Oils

Fun Facts:

  • Intelligent Portable Vaporizer

  • 4 Temperature Settings (620F, 860F, 980F, 1090F)

  • 4 Minute Auto-shutoff Feature

  • USB-C Fast Charging Feature

  • Lifetime Warranty (All parts)

The KandyPens Oura is the most advanced portable e-rig available. Made for consumers to enjoy concentrates and oils you can take this luxurious device just about anywhere.

The Oura offers a magical smoking experience with a 3000mAh internal battery and made with a durable zinc alloy exterior. There is no other device that offers the same distinctive flavor and cloud production as the KandyPens Oura.

I enjoy dabs. But I'm not going to lie, the process of heating up the nail with a torch can be a guessing game when it comes to producing the ideal temperature.

A device like this makes it possible to have a worry-free smoke sesh. No need to worry about how hot your torch got your nail, the Oura does the work for you. It has 4 temperatures which means you can enjoy dabs at all temperatures.

If you're someone who loves having a device that matches your mood or room, then the Oura also comes in 7 beautiful colors. Black, smokey white, lavender, turquoise, lime green, salmon pink, and apple red.

My favorite ones are lavender, turquoise, and salmon pink! But all of the colors are gorgeous and eye-catching.

The Oura unit is charged by a USB-C port that can be found on the back of the pens. The kit comes with the proper charging cords.

There are so many things that I love about the Oura and KandyPens in general!

They are such a creative brand, I love their visuals and their constant content! It's inspiring, especially as a creative myself.

Plus, the Oura is such a well-designed device.

I can't wait to get my hands on one so that I can change the way I consume concentrates forever!

Is an Oura on your list too!? Have you tried one before!? Let me know. Comment below!

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