The Biggest Joint I've Ever Had!

This joint is from around last November! My boyfriend purchased it for me from a dispensary close to us. OMG.

I had to share it!

Unfortunately, I only have one photo of this massive pre-roll! it sat for a while because I couldn't fathom smoking that whole thing!

The budtender who sold it to my boyfriend said that she sparked it up at the beginning of the Star Wars Movie and it lasted through to the credits...

Thaaaaat scared me!

So I didn't end up smoking her, I just pulled the bud out and loaded bowls with it. It wasn't spectacular weed, just regular flower rolled into a massive pre-roll that was long as heck!

If I remember correctly, it was $45!??!? I may be wrong. I will post an update when I go to the dispensary for another arm length joint.

Is this going to be a tradition!?

This year, I want to buy two or three! And actually smoke them. And gift some as well!

#PreRolls #FlashBack

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