The Best Friday ft Edibles

Went for a pay day trip to #LocalRoots128th for just one thing...

I wanted a drink!

I didn't know what dink I wanted when I walked in, but I knew I had $20 and that was enough to get something that would complete my Friday night.

I saw that they updated their cannabis-infused drink selection with some new ones!

Those Blaze sodas are limited edition-- I need to get my hands on those but they're $30 and I couldn't get it!

Speaking of things I couldn't get, I also saw the Tea'd Up drinks from Evergreen Herbal.

These drinks were also priced at $30, but I'm going to get my hands on the Mango soon!

I decided to stay in my price range and go with a drink that I've had before. It was between the Red Wagon Wheel Cider and Ray's Lemonade.

I chose Ray's Lemonade in Blood Orange because it is literally my favorite drink.

Plus, it was Fill-a-belly Friday so I got 20% off!

Plus, there was a vendor visit!

They had flower available for shoppers to smell.

Here's the booth!

The strains smelled great! And the host was so nice, she gave me a lanyard! I can't wait until I have some money so that I can try Lifestyle Cannabis Co out!

Then I got home and cracked open my Ray's Lemonade!

I also had some incredible edibles made by @GreenoutBakery on Instagram! - More coming soon!

Hopefully you had an incredible Friday! -- Try to get your hands on a Ray's Lemonade if you're in the PNW, it's my favorite cannabis-infused drink ever!

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