THC-Infused Peach Hand Pies | Recipe & Story Video Instructions!

Lets have some fun!

Here is a super easy and quick recipe for anyone who has a sweet tooth, a can of peaches, and puff pastry!

Even when you don't have everything, it's okay! Allspice would really be recommended, but since I didn't have any I decided to try the recipe anyway!

Time to start!

Cut up your peaches!

They don't have to be too small but make sure that they're small enough to fit on a little square sheet!

You can use either a can of peaches or fresh peaches, it really is your choice! It depends on the day for me, sometimes I have fresh peaches in the house and other days I have a can. Just do what works for you.

If you are using whole peaches, I recommend to skin them and use about 3 to 4 of them.

Next you're gonna take your cannabutter and let it get nice and warm in a skillet.

You can completely eliminate the stove from this recipe! I just prefer mixing all of the ingredients on the stove to better combine them. Again, it's up to you!

Then, I'm just adding the slices peaches into the skillet.

Mix them around, let them get warm, coated in butter.

Then you're going to add your spices! Make sure your skillet is on medium, low at this point.

About a cup of brown sugar, pinch of vanilla extract, bit of nutmeg, sprinkle of cinnamon, then a nice dash of lemon juice.

Can you tell I don't write recipes down? -- HAHA.

Next, we're gonna get our puff pastry prepared.

Roll out the dough & pre heat your oven to 350.

Hopefully you have a rolling pin, I used a wine bottle to roll out my pastry. It did the job!

As the peaches heat up they start to smell heavenly. Turn your skillet to low.

Next, you're cutting your pastry into squares to prepare to the assembly of the pies!

Make sure you're using a clean and floured surface to handle your puff pastry!

Then with a baking sheet we prepare our pies!

I cut a top and bottom from my puff pastry, but you can make one long rectangle so that the pies fold closed. It's all preference. I have some folded pies in my batch because I was running out of pastry.

I use some of the excess peach juice that's in the skillet to top off the pies-- similar to an egg wash but I just didn't have an egg. It does the same thing, maybe... idk I'm not a chef. If anything, it helps distribute peach flavor around your pies.

Then we're oven ready!

After about 12 to 15 minutes your pies should be done! I like to wait for a little browning.

Let them sit on the tray for a few minutes to cool then you're ready to eat.

I hope you're able to use this recipe! If you alter it let me know how it came out!

This is an easy recipe that could be fun with family, friends, kids, and even alone.

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