THC Infused BBQ SAUCE [Recipe + WeedTube Video]

Here is a recipe that you have to try!

Once I saw it on the Ardent LLC Instagram page I knew that I wanted to prepare this BBQ sauce for my 4/20 weekend!

Here is the recipe for Infused BBQ Sauce from Ardent!

I had just about everything I needed to successfully complete this recipe! I just had to pick up ground mustard and red wine vinegar!

This recipe will take about 25 minutes including prep! It took me about 10 minutes to prep all of the spices and, since it was my first time, I took it pretty slow on the stove.

I decarboxylated my cannabis with the Ardent LIFT cannabis multi-tool! It's my favorite tool for cannabis because it uses smart technology to activate your flower flawlessly.

In terms of flower, I used Blackberry Trainwreck sugar trim/shake. It has 16% total THC. And since this recipe calls for 2 grams of cannabis, we're going to end up with a batch of 320mg BBQ Sauce.

In the recipe, they call for Tobasco sauce but I ended up opting with my favorite sauce Satan's Breath CBD sauce. I figured why not add some CBD spice to the THC mixture! It's just a party of cannabinoids.

If you're interested in trying some Satan's Breath then visit their website! And their Instagram page is @Satans_Breath_CBD!

This recipe was so fun and easy to make!

I had a sauce bottle so I used it to hold the BBQ sauce. Plus, since there was a lot I also used up 2 small containers.

If you'd like to watch me make this BBQ sauce then check it out on WeedTube!

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