Tequila PATRON Experience Booth

When I tell y'all that this was an experience, I mean that! It was amazing!

The 2018 Bite of Seattle had incredible alcohol booths for the first time I witnessed! Since I didn't have 'The Bud That Wines' platform but was still a bud that was sipping wine, I knew that I had to document my experience and I'm so glad that I did!

When we saw people eating ice cream bars talking about "wow I wouldn't think there was alcohol in this" I knew I had a mission to go on. Operation get-a-damn-alcohol-ice-popsicle because it was HOT.

We started walking towards the direction where people were coming from, then that's when I saw it-- giant cutouts of tequila.

Oh, boy. I'm a tequila girl. I don't drink it a lot, but it's top 3 liquors.

Now this entire booth was a damn experience.

You give them your name and answer a super cute quiz that consisted of maybe 6 questions. After your questions, you were assigned a drink! You guys, I thought I took pictures of the drinks they made, but I didn't! I wish I remembered the names!

Then they used FRESH fruits to craft our special drinks!

Doesn't it look incredible!?

My drink was straight tequila with lime.

Alexa, play Boss A$$ B*tch by Nicki Minaj

Now this booth was huge! They had a photoshoot area as well where you had props-- including empty bottles of Patron, beach balls, beach chairs, a ball pit, and a lovely backdrop. My boyfriend and I took our photos and got the GIF texted to me! I still have it, not posting, sorry!

There were people eating their popsicles on the perfectly placed artificial grass and laying on the beach chairs provided.

And at the very end of the booth, you get your choice of a Patron infused popsicle.

Oh, and I almost forgot!

When they gave us our drinks, they gave us stickers!

I'm a sticker gal too, so I tried to finesse one of each one but they said the "quantity was limited". Pfft, excuses.

This booth encapsulates everything that I love and appreciate! Just good people having a good time while sharing a common likeness!

Imagine a booth like this with cannabis!? Sign me up on the creative team, asap!

I want more adult experiences like this. This was everything!

Have you experienced something like this before? Would you try it?

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