Sour Space Candy! | 19.85% Hemp Flower

Sour Space Candy from GoldenFlower.Shop

Weight: 1/8 oz / 3.5g

CBD: 19.85%

THC: less than 0.3%

Here is a hemp strain that I'm no stranger to. One of the first strains of hemp flower that I tried was Sour Space Candy from another brand.

I won't lie, Sour Space Candy is such an amazing strain all-around. This strain is a sativa-dominant that is high in CBD. This flower emits pungent earthy and citrus-y notes that I enjoy very much.

This lovely 3.5g is from GoldenFlower.Shop. At 19.85% CBD, this strain has a very high CBD percentage which is great for those who may prefer smoking in smaller doses to treat pain.⁣⁣ Their flower is pesticide free, tobacco free, and organic. And it ships very fast!

Right out of the package this smell of dank bud hits you and it smells great. This strain is frosty, sour, and potent! You can see the trichomes on some of the buds, it's beautiful! The flowers really do look like they were grown with care.

This dense flower cracks wonderfully between your fingers and gets fine in a grinder. Smoking out of a bong is my consumption method of choice; many people know that bong smoke may be harsh, depending on various factors but one can be the flower you're smoking.

When this flower is smoked it produces light smoke that is easy to inhale. It's very enjoyable and the citrus taste really transfers into the smoke. You can smell and taste the different notes really well.

The effects are really mellow and calming. Since it's a sativa-dominant strain, it's great for waking-and-baking as well as mid-day smoke sessions. This is a strain that I enjoy throughout the day, though. And as I said, the smoke that it produces is so smooth which makes it easier to smoke.

Now, let's talk about CBD.

Sour Space Candy has 19.85% of CBD. You're not going to get high. Smoking CBD induces calming effects on the body and brain. It may assist with your pain, stress, nausea, and anxiety. CBD is also a wonderful tool [or as I like to call: medicine] for overall wellness.

I enjoy CBD for alleviating my anxiety, especially after work. I find that this strain pairs wonderfully with the THC cannabis that I have on hand. When paired, THC and CBD work together to provide a wonderful smoking experience.

Smoking hemp with THC isn't the only way to enjoy it! Some times, when I only want CBD, I'll make a bowl full of hemp flower then add a few bits of lavender. A great midday pick-up for those who love lavender and need to calm down.

How does this Sour Space Candy flower look to you?

GoldenFlower.Shop has a large selection of premium hemp flower that you can choose from. Some strains that they offer are Hawaiian Haze and Cherry Abacus. They're affordable, fast, and high-quality.

Make sure you check out GoldenFlower.Shop and their selection of premium hemp flower.

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