Some Damn Good Edibles

I got the most delicious package that I've received in a while!

We got some edibles from @GreenoutBakery on Instagram!

These edibles made my weekend. Not only do you get a good-sized portion, but they are also tasty.

I received 4 edibles. One regular rice crispy treat, one chocolate covered rice crispy treat, and 2 brownie balls covered in white chocolate.

Holy. Smack.

These hit in the best way.

So to start, I ate the whole chocolate covered rice crispy treat. The chocolate was smooth, even, and tasty. The weed flavor was subtle but, yet perfect if that makes sense? I love it when the flavor of the kush adds to the eating experience, that's exactly what happens here. That's the terpenes doing their job!

Next, I ate half of a brownie ball. I only ate half because I realized that I should probably let the first one kick in-- stoner problems.

At the end of the night, I felt incredibly high in a good way. The weight of the world was off of my shoulders and I was just dancing to cartoons in my living room. Living the life, right?

I stored the remaining edibles in a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator on the door, just for overnight.

The next morning, I cut the regular rice crispy in half, ate it along with my half-eaten brownie ball. Then I made a little care package for my mommy. She got the other half of the rice crispy treat and a whole brownie ball.

So thank you, Greenoutbakery for these goodies that made my weekend so so much better! And I'm a supporter! I can't wait to see what other cannabis-infused snacks you whip up.

If you want some dank goodies then make sure to hit up @greenoutbakery on Instagram.

Whew, I'm craving some more!

What kind of edibles are your favorites!?

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