Some Dad Bud

I visited my dad's house and got some weed!

Parents be knowing when you need it.

((this was after I already smoked some))

Can you peep my Plain Jane shatter in the back? I love that stuff!

I really needed something so I'm thankful that I have a dad that can hook me up!

And if you can peep the "Gems & Juice" container in the back, my mom gave me the last bit of her concentrate!

Shoutout to my parents. Raising a good stoner, eh?

Aaaand, we're gonna make it last!

To be quite honest, I don't know the strain. I can be almost certain that the container that the weed was in isn't the same as the bud. He didn't have too much but he just got back from visiting family for a week and a half so I'll wait until he builds his stash back up.

I love having parents who can double as my dealers. HAHAHAHA.

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