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Let's learn about lavender, what it does when you smoke it, and how much to smoke!

We all know lavender-- that beautiful, purple, calming herb that works wonders on stress, amongst other things. It's known for it's aromatic and therapeutic effects. You probably have a few beauty products or cleaning products made with lavender. And, if you're a plant lover like me, you probably have some lavender in your home right now or even in your garden!

Just like the cannabis that you smoke, lavender has terpenes. Terpenes are an important factor when it comes to how lavender affects your body.

Linalool is the naturally occurring monoterpene present in lavender. It's responsible for the aroma! Linalool is present in many flowers and spice plants.

So, have you smoked lavender or even thought about smoking lavender? Go ahead! You can, it's safe!

When you smoke lavender it produces a wonderful aroma and a very pleasant taste.

I suggest mixing your lavender with your cannabis and any other herbs that you have.

Since lavender is so aromatic, the smoke can be overwhelming when you use too much. Trust me, I know.

What are the benefits of smoking lavender with your cannabis?

  • Stress Relief

  • Reduces Anxiety

  • Pain Relief

  • Better Sleep

  • Anti-Inflammtiiroy Benefits

Additionally, for those interested, there has been a study done on mice showing how the terpene linalool could "reverse" Alzheimer's.

So, if you want to smoke on some lavender like the classy stoner you are, then go ahead!!

Have you ever smoked lavender? Did you enjoy it?

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