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This is hands down the best hot sauce that I own right now. Not even kidding, this hot sauce is full of flavor and packs some amazing heat.

When I first found @Satans_Breath_CBD on Instagram I was hooked. I knew that I needed to get my hands on this hot sauce.

I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend but I won't even lie, I'm using it up!

My boyfriend is the type of person that loves adding hot sauce to just about anything which is why I chose it as a gift. But after trying a drop I was hooked.

I don't know what I was expecting, this hot sauce has won first place in YELP's 2018 Wing Fling, so obviously it's going to be delicious.

We've been eating with our Satan's Breath on the table because we love adding extra drops of that heat.

Oh, and we've been keeping a lot of plain tortilla chips in the house too because this hot sauce goes great on some plain chips for a little snack.

Satan's Breath CBD Hot Sauce is a beautifully crafted mix of fire-roasted peppers; 6 to be exact. The various herbs and spices that are added to the mix only enhance the flavors and give the spice flavor-- so there isn't just a mouth burn!

Now, this stuff is hot, but not too hot. My family is from the South.. San Antonio to be exact and I love spicy foods. I really do, this spice isn't too bad at all! It's a nice flavorful burn on your pallet that doesn't take away any flavor. Don't you hate when your mouth is just burning all over and there's no flavor at all?

If I could describe this sauce in one word: FLAVOR.

Satan's Breath comes in three different CBD packed flavors.

There's Sweet Heat, Jamaican Mango, and the OG; Satan's Breath.

Each bottle is $15 and I didn't think twice before placing my order! Shipping came way faster than I expected. It came within 3 or 4 days. And, the package was able to fit inside of my mailbox-- which was a lifesaver because by the time I get off of work my Leasing Office is closing down, so if the package was in there I would have had to wait!

I've been putting this hot sauce in and on everything. Seriously.

Chilli, noodles, burgers, tacos, pizza, nachos, eggs, potatos, fries, nuggets, texas toast, and just about anything else that I can think of!

Just wait until my boyfriend makes his famous homemade beef jerky, this stuff will make it taste marvelous!

I'm just so excited. I really am.

I wanted to buy all three but when I placed my order they weren't all on the website. Then, of course, the next day they were all there! So I'm going to buy all three when I place my next order!

The Jamaican Mango is the one that I'm the most excited to try. My boyfriend is excited about the Sweet Heat flavor, so maybe once I buy all three we'll have our own personal bottles.

Make sure that you're following Satan's Breath CBD on Instagram. They post amazing content and recipes. You'll be able to see the different recipes that your new CBD hot sauce can be used in.

I'm in love with this brand. I love their quality. And I'll be returning.

I can't wait to try the other flavors!

Would you try this CBD hot sauce? What flavor would you try?

Comment below!

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