Ray's Blood Orange Lemonade | 100MG

I've had a lot of cannabis-infused drinks... a LOT of drinks- and after trying this I think I've found my new favorite.

I don't believe that I've ever seen this brand before. So far, I've only seen Ray's Lemonades in #LocalRoots128th, everyone else usually carries the same general selection with a few stand-outs.

This drink sits at $20 which, to me, is a good deal. I could go to the dispensary closest to my home and pay $25 for a 100MG drink that is also 12oz but the flavor wouldn't be as.. hmmm.. enjoyable? Is that the word I want to use.

I want to emphasize the flavor.. Can the church say FLAVOR?

This stuff was delicious. It didn't have the cannabis taste that comes across as overly-bitter in your mouth. Plus, this drink isn't carbonated-- which I love! I'm tired of only choosing between sodas! I don't know what I expected out of this drink. I just want flavor and I want a high that makes me feel nice. I got both. It's a tasty orange flavor mixed with a high-quality lemon flavor since it's inside of lemonade.

It's definitely better cold, so put it in your fridge before you drink it, unless your dispensary has it in a cooler/fridge. Mine was, but my bus ride home warmed the bottle a little!

The drink itself is refreshing which is sooo dangerous because if you're not used to drinks then you'll probably down this bottle like it's an Arizona tea and be elevated for hours.

Whenever I drink the 100MG bottles I use these super cute "shot" glasses that I collected from a few other bottles of cannabis-infused drinks. I have 2 of these little shot cups. I don't know why all drinks don't come with something similar, but a majority of them will.

It has lines to show how high you'd get! I love it and I think it's a great way to track how much you've have had to drink. Oh and if I were to flip that little cup around it shows a line for 2.01oz.

I think it's funny. "WHAT WAS I SAYING" is my level of choice. Hahaha

Overall I'm in love with these drinks after just one. I'm going to get another flavor really soon too. On the dispensaries website I see that the flavors available are huckleberry, strawberry, and raspberry.

They also have 25MG options for the girls who can't handle their THC.

Brand: #DogtownPioneersInc

Item: #RaysLemonade

Amount of THC: #100MG#100MG

Amount of CBD: 0

Taste Rate: 9/10

Highness: 8/10 (after a serving)

#BloodOrange #Lemonade #Drinks #Edibles

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