Power Puff Girls Rolling Tray from Baked Bunny

Is this not the dopest rolling tray you've ever seen?

Well, it is to me.

Baked Bunny is a luxury cannabis brand made for babes who love cannabis. They offer apparel and a wide variety of smoking accessories.

When I saw this rolling tray I knew that I needed it. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup smoking weed? Count me in, expeditiously!

The rolling tray is a limited editing release and can be found on the Baked Bunny website.

It featured the Power Puff Girls as bunnies. Bubbles is smoking out of a bong, Blossom is blowing a blunt, and it looks like Buttercup is counting dubs for their next re-up. Hahahha

The dimensions of the tray are 7 x 5 in. For $15, this tray is totally worth it. Plus, I got free shipping with a Christmas code that she had available at the time.

The design is unique, colorful, and stunning. It's an excellent joint-rolling tray to add to your 2020 sessions. This Power Puff Bunnies tray is just too perfect.

I ordered my PPB Rolling Tray on Christmas night (around 11pm) and got it New Years Eve with the regular mail.

Here is my super cuuute new rolling tray!

The quality is so high. This picture does the tray no justice, the colors are so bright and striking. The characters look very detailed. The whole tray is very nice.

I love my purchase! I'm beyond satisfied.

I'm so happy to have found a new rolling tray to add to my collection! If you've been following me anywhere, you know that I want to expand my bong & tray collection. This was a great new addition!

Check out Baked Bunny to see the other amazing stoner babe products that they offer.

I can't wait to order more!

Get your PPB Rolling Tray before it's too late!

Do you like it? Would you get one? What characters do you want to see on a rolling tray?

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