[Podcast] Consuming In Quarantine + Welcome To The Potcast | Episode 01

The Bud That Wines Podcast is officially live and can be listened to on Spotify & Podbean for now! iTunes coming soon.

I just wanted to thank everyone who supports me & who will enjoy this podcast.

I want to create a cannabis-friendly space were people can ask questions, share advice, & consume comfortably.

I know that this episode is all over the place but I had to do it! If I didn't post who knows how long it would have been until I found the courage. I'm used to podcasting with a co-host. For the past few years there has always been someone with me, so being alone is a challenge but a fun one!

In this episode, we discuss a few articles in (and outside) of the cannabis industry that I just had to share!

Then we talk about the various ways to consume cannabis without actually smoking it because that's what a lot of people are doing during the COVID-19 quarantine.

It's so exciting to do this and put myself out there. What better time to start that podcast you've wanted to start since October than QUARANTINE!

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