Try Plain Jane CBD Kief, Trim, & PreRolls

I absolutely loved my Plain Jane CBD & Hemp products that I got last time!

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I had to get more! Ever since hearing about this company I knew that I'd be a long-time customer.

They sell CBD Kief... KIEF! So I snagged that.

I also got their "Full Flavor Trim" which I'm really excited to try. And I got a 2 pack of their full flavor hemp pre-rolls!

Check out the stuff

Well, it came!!

The 2-pack of full flavor hemp rolls looks good! I'm keeping those on the side for a good day!

Here is the kief! It looks incredible and it does taste good. Packs a great punch of CBD and I've been using it as a bowl topper for my after-work smoke sessions.

They pack this kief up to the top! I wasn't expecting that much-- well to be honest, I don't know what I was expecting. I've never even seen CBD kief!

Here is the trim! I was super excited about it because of the price and because I am in love with Plain Janes CBD flower, so their trim was definitely a must-have!

Here is the 14g bag! Full Flavor trim, they do have their odorless version too.

The trim smokes so good and is great for making my weed last longer. Also if you smoke herbs, put this in a mason jar with some of your favorite herbs and you have a beautifully medicated herbal mixture!

Plain Jane has made a lifelong customer out of me. I love their products, they ship quickly, they are an honest company, and they want you to feel comfortable smoking their products.

Have you tried Plain Jane? Check out their product selection here.

Seal your weed and herbal mixtures in odor-proof containers!

Here is an herbal smoking mixture for users that don't know where to start!

I purchased it. I enjoy it more as tea, but here is the link for anyone who may want to try!

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