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Starting this blog has introduced me to some incredible businesses, influencers, and pages.

I have found so many bongs and pipes that I have fallen in love with, the only problem-- we can't afford it all right now. Keyword being: right now. We will get these soon!

Here is a small collection of incredibly beautiful pieces that I have fangirled over and can see myself owning.

Here is a short list of absolutely beautiful pieces that PuffPixie has

First, check out this custom Pokemon Bong from @PuffPixie on Instagram! They make beautiful pieces. And this has to be a favorite.

I would die of happiness with this piece! I would totally get Bulbasaur, Ninetails, Psyduck, and either Mew or Ponyta on mine! I really hope that by time I can save up for one that she still does it!

As a Hello Kitty lover, I am in love with this hand pipe!

Um yes, who doesn't love Pineapples! I know I love them!

As a person who has at least 30 different items and pieces of clothing with pineapples, I feel like my pineapple obsession is calling for this bong.

Feeling peachy? I sure am!

This is beyond cute! Ugh, I'm just in love with all of the items that @PuffPixie posts! Holy crap, can you say gorgeous!

I have wanted an ice cream pipe for a while!

Doesn't this look delicious! I would have fun with this piece.

Can I get this bong but with Steven Universe characters!!!!!

I'm addicted to Steven Universe.

Avocado bowl piece!

Yes, yes please. Right now. We gonna make a bowl of guac.

Here's another Avocado piece! A pipe!

Oh yes yes yes. I'm dancing just thinking about it! It's so cute!

I think that I've fangirled enough! I am in love with their products! Come Christmas, I will know exactly what pieces I want from them!

Go follow @PuffPixie of Instagram and visit their website to explore their beautifully crafted selection of glass pieces and smoking accessories!

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