Olala Honeydew 100MG Drink | So Good!

I looooooooooooooove THC drinks, from the first sip of my first bottle I knew that it was a high that was special.

You don't even understand how amazing drinks make my body feel! You're high and you're feeling the effects of the marijuana but your body feels like its floating and tingling and everything is happy.

Oh and you're still completely functional but everything feels way cleaner.

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour for the drink to hit after you've taken your serving. Most, if not all, drinks will come with a super cute serving shot glass with a line that lets you know how much 1 serving is.

I've had drinks that come with glasses that have multiple lines--depending on how high you want to get. They came with hilarious comments on each line that almost "described" the high you'd reach. I wish I remembered what they said! They were hilarious. This drink is a 100MG THC drink which means the entire bottle has 100MG of THC. You will find bottles with different THC levels such as 30MG or 50MG or even a full bottle that only contains 10MG-- those are wastes of money to me personally. I'd rather spend between $20 and $35 for a 100MG drink that will last a few days. Those other ones are gone within a day and the prices are too high for those lower doses. You may find yourself paying $15 for a 30MG bottle when you could have bought a 100MG bottle for $25.

This brand also has drinks with CBD added, those tend to range the price up an extra 5 to 7 bucks. On the night I bought this (last Sunday) I just wanted a drink to help me sleep! So i picked this guy up for the lowest price I could get. There were lots of flavors! But I picked up Honeydew, yummy! When I got home this is how much I drank. Lol do you see that line?? I say double that and I'm good!

Okay, if you've never had a THC drink you're probably like "OMG I want to try! What do I expect?" 1 word. CARBONATION! They make these drinks super carbonated. I recommend letting your drink sit for at least 15 minutes from the time you get home because the car ride and walking to your door may cause an explosion..... literally.... it's happened before. I've gotten home... opened a drink immediately... and it foamed up causing me to have less than the bottle of drinkable liquid. (This was with a Happy Apple tho, and those things are crazy carbonated-- the drink will foam up inside of your mouth as your drinking).

Okay, now that I've warned you about a possible explosion (it happens to the best of em), we can get to flavor. Your gonna taste the weed. There is a bitter flavor that you will experience in your mouth, on your tongue, and once you swallow. It's not terrible. The flavor isn't super strong, but you can taste it. It give the drink a bright flavor.

Most of the drinks you buy will be carbonated. I believe I've only gotten 1 or 2 drinks that weren't.

I used to buy drink mixers that were all thc and you just mixed it into a soda (like Sprite) or a juice.. OMG I LOVED THOSE but they stopped selling them around a year and a half ago.. I don't know why but I believe it's because it "promoted" alcohol and weed ingestion which you know the GOV'T don't like... Cuz that stuff was good in a mixed drink. 2 Chainz said he wants to be drunk and high at the same time- so do I!

Now, I've tried a lot of these flavors but now I want to see which one my favorite is! I'm gonna end up buying them all one of these days lol! ~ Do you like drinks!? What's your favorite flavor? Favorite brand?

Brand: #OlalaFlavor: #Honeydew Amount of THC: #100MGAmount of CBD: 0Taste Rate: 7/10Highness: 6.5/10

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