My New Favorite Indica!

You guys!

You know that I love my Indica-- if you don't know, now ya know!

I believe that I found my new favorite Indica strain. This lovely strain of flower is called Josh D OG. This pretty bud came at the cost of $30 for an eighth.

At first smell-- this flower has a strong, lovely pungent scent.

Walking into the dispensary, I only had $30 and I told my budtender that I wanted a couch-lock Indica, ideal for after work and around bedtime.

I was handed this and didn't blink twice. By the time I was being checked out by another budtender, she had picked up the bag and said that she loooved this strain and right now it's a favorite amongst the budtenders. So, that's my confirmation! Let's spark this weed up!

I could tell by the touch and scent alone that this was going to be some very stuff. This bud was sticky-icky-icky (lol). It was sticky to the touch, was finger-grindable without being crunchy, and a little bit is more than enough!

I made my bowls about half of their regular size with this stuff and I didn't get knocked out. I received a very chill high that came with an elevated mood, pain relief, and my favorite- couch lock. I was still able to do all of my at-home duties like cook and clean, but once I laid down and got to watching cartoons, I was so happy.

This eighth lasted me about a week and a half? Maybe more? I forgot to keep track you guys-- I'm still getting used to this blogging stuff!

But I do have to say that #JoshDOG has become one of my favorite Indica's... Top 5? Top 2? But it ain't number 2? Somewhere on that list is also 9lb Hammer.

Have you tried Josh D OG? What were your experiences with the weed? How much did you get?