Natural THC Deodorant?!

I wanted to share another unique item I found at a dispensary: Deodorant!

This was picked up a while ago. It's a natural deodorant that has THC in it.

My boyfriend picked it up from Danks Wonder Emporium in Edmonds, back when we lived close to the store!

There was a plastic wrapper that had the THC & CBD (if any) information on it-- but you know, that's long gone.

It's not a deodorant that we use every day, but more so every blue moon.

The consistency is a thick paste with little beads(?) in it. It feels so good to put on! If you've ever made your own deodorant with baking soda, it has a similar feeling.

To apply:

Simply use your fingers to scoop up a nice amount then massage it under your armpits. Easy! A little goes a long way.

When you wear it, as you get more active you'll get a little weedy aroma-- because of this I don't wear this to work but I'll wear it on weekends or for something chill.

My boyfriend loves this stuff. There was a point in time where he wore it almost every day for work.

You do feel lifted when you put it on! It's a light body high that just makes you feel uplifted and to-be-honest, more energized.

I do like this stuff, I don't know the expiration date either, because I don't have the original packaging or even a picture of the original packaging. But I'm still using it. It doesn't smell funky or old; it has the same consistent smell as when I first got it. I keep it stored in a bathroom cabinet-- it was in our weed stash bag for a while.

I did try to do a few Google searches for this stuff and I can't find anything! I can find the brand, of course, but this deodorant is hard to find! I wanted to at least see if I could get any THC stats for you guys.

And I haven't come across another deodorant for a while. I guess that's why I always try to snag any unique goodies I can find!

Have you tried THC infused deodorant before?

Would you try it? What brands have you used?

Comment below, I want to know!

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