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I purchased this tincture back in March of this year. I was browsing Groupon for new CBD products because I was so intrigued at how accessible and affordable a lot of these deals were.

After purchasing the Groupon and redeeming my coupon on their website, I was shipped the product almost immediately.

I am so in love with this stuff! When I read the information and the benefits before purchasing the product, I like the benefits. I wanted to start using CBD more and since [at the time] I had never used a tincture, I purchased this product with excitement.

Here are the product details and benefits:

  • May help with anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, and inflammation

  • Help promote a sense of calm and overall wellness

  • Contains a high amount of pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD)

  • Formulated with 100% natural C02 extract

  • Flavored with organic coconut extract

  • Gluten-free and non-GMO

  • Does not contain heavy metals or insecticides

  • Volume: 30ml

Anxiety, sleep disorders, and inflammation-- it was speaking right to me there!

The product came within 4 or 5 days and I used it immediately.

Initially, I was putting a few drops under my tongue then going about my day. Then one day I got a sharp cramp on my foot, rubbed some of this on it then my pain was gone. So I used this tincture in a few different ways.

It tasted as I expected. It's an oil and it's made with coconut oil, so I expected a coconut oil taste and that's pretty much what I got. You might want to drink something afterwards to get the taste out of your mouth-- again, it's not a bad taste, I can just imagine how some people wouldn't prefer it.

When I went back to Groupon recently, I noticed that the deal was gone! They're not offering this exact oil anymore but there are other affordable options from other companies. You can also find different flavors.

I enjoy the range of CBD products that are offered on Groupon, they've made it easy for me to experiment and try new things.

That bottle lasted me about 3 1/2 weeks.

It was $18.99 for the 250mg bottle. Great price. I think that it's a quality product and it truly works. The [almost] immediate pain relief when applied topically is probably my favorite effect of this product. It helped me with pain a lot, I am forever grateful!

I would love to try this product again, maybe even buying a higher dosage.

I'm looking at purchasing some more Groupon products as we type! I want some good stuff.

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Have you tried any CBD products from Groupon?

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