My Vape Pen Started Smoking In My Purse


I bought this pen from my local dispensary a few months ago.

It worked great for a few weeks then the blue [bottom] disconnected from the silver piece.. but it was fine! I simply pressed the pieces together and then it would stay in place. It slipped apart as if there was not a strong adhesive in the first place.

Then one day, I was in a rush and wanted to take a quick hit of my pen before I got into work. As I went to pull my pen out of my purse, the top piece came off and the red cord broke. So the pen was hanging by its black cord.

Feeling very defeated, I placed my vape pen back together-- like I used to do, with the black cord tucked inside of the device. The pen was placed in the phone holder on the inside of my purse.

After about 2 minutes I was at my desk. I had my purse to the right of me on my desk.

After another good minute or two, I smell smoke. It smelled like the oil that's in my pen. I turn my head to the right and I see a skinny stream of smoke coming out of my purse and going into the air.

Yeah, I freaked out and jumped up.

I immediately grabbed the vape pen and pulled it apart gently just to get the black cord out of the device- hoping that was the reason it was tripping out.

Nothing. It kept producing smoke, so I just pulled the device apart together and basically destroyed the pen. It no longer functions.

This happened a few months ago but it still makes me sad! I really wanted a pen at the time, actually, I wanted one for a while. When I saw this pen at my local dispensary for only $25 and it could take carts and dry flower, I knew I needed it. I didn't like it for dry flower or loose concentrates, it didn't work too well. But it worked great with carts!! Plus, it was blue. That's my favorite color, y'all. If you didn't know.

So yeah, all I have is my free Uncle Ike's vape pen that I from Hemp Fest... I will post about that soon. I've used it on and off. Plus, I don't really smoke carts too much because I can't afford as much as I smoke. I'm good with just my flower for right now!

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