My Tommy Chong Rolling Tray & Accessories for $20

Just wanted to share my Tommy Chong rolling tray.

I purchased it from Hemp Fest in Seattle for $20. It came with soooo many goodies.

It came with a grinder, 1 small three-pack of pre-rolled cones, 1 medium three-pack of pre-rolled cones, like 5 different types of rolling papers, and a Fururola joint-rolling machine .

It was a great deal, especially because I got a second grinder for free! I picked up a hot pink grinder, but it was a thin one. I placed it back and grabbed the gold grinder (that can be pictured on the right side of the pic), then the dude threw the grinder I put back into my bag. I was happy! And I got the last hot pink grinder, my boyfriend uses it and he loves it! I just prefer grinders with a little more area to grip AND I love the kief collector. My old grinder had a kief collector too, but that thang is rusty, so it's about time I got a new one!

The tray is huge. I never really liked those tiny trays, even though I know they work great still, I like to have space. I'm in love with this tray, I have been using it every day since I've got it! I didn't realize how important of a role the tray would play in my stoner life-- But we're here. Do you know what that's called? Growth.

The tray is really durable and it cleans off super easily. I just wipe it down with a napkin and it's clean! I also clean it regularly, so, I don't let mine get too nasty! I also don't use mine to roll, I just use it as a general area to place the weed and weed accessories when they're pulled out.

Speaking of rolling, I don't really like the Futurola rolling machine. I have a raw join roller that's pretty much the exact same thing, just a little smaller. The Fururola roller loves to mess up the joints or make absolute pinwheels. I did find a cheat way to use it to make a quick joint, so I can't complain, but I'm not using it the way the company probably recommends. If anything I just stick with pre-rolls or have my mom roll me something because I can't.

I'd love some trays with my favorite celebs! Or some hand-painted trays, those would be beautiful!

What design is on your weed tray? Do you have one? Where do you get yours?

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