My CannaTravelDestinations

I've decided that I want to start a list of #CannaTravelDestinations because managing them on my phone isn't working!

I find so many amazing cannabis/hemp themed destinations that I want to visit! From spas to unique apparel brands and even smoking dispensaries. My Canna Travel Destinations list will include a variety of shops/stores/services in the cannabis industry that provide experiences and products that are unique to them. Currently, I'm only doing locations in North America (U.S & Canada)

I will make posts about my #CannaTravelDestinations here on my blog and to find them all you have to do is click the hashtag!

I will be adding them slowly but surely because there are too many places that I want to visit. From California to New York to Illinois and even Vegas, we're going to be manifesting travel and adventure!!

As for when the travel plans will happen... we'll see! But it will happen. If it's on the blog it's gotta happen!

So again, if you want to check out some cannabis-related destinations around the U.S.A & Canada then tune into my hashtag ---> #CannaTravelDestinations on the blog. The Bud That Travels has been recruited!

If you would like to donate to my budding travel desires, you can donate here!

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