Must-Have Pipes From Waxmaid Store

Waxmaid is a brand that I have been following on Instagram for a while. They offer premium silicone and glass smoking accessories such as pipes, nectar collectors, and other accessories.

I am so in love with their products and they are pretty affordable. In their Instagram bio, they claim to be "the world's 1st unbreakable smoking waterpipe brand". Okay Waxmaid, bet!

I decided that I would make a list of a few of my favorite pieces that are offered at!

8.5" Horn Silicone & Glass Hybrid Water Pipe

At only $39.99, this piece is so cute and functional. It comes in so many different color options, my personal favorite is white/blue one and the pink one!

I've seen people smoke flower and dab out of these. I really like the size, it looks like it's a decent-sized piece that packs a nice punch.

Plus it takes 14mm bowls which is perfect, I plenty of those!

8" Universal 19mm-39mm Bottle Traveler Mouthpiece

This piece is super cool because it allows you to turn literally any bottle into a portable bong! Oh my gosh, how the game would change!

At $29.99, this affordable piece can be placed into the bottle of your choice that has a neck between 19mm to 39mm. This one also comes in so many color options like green, red, black, orange, pink, and various multi-colored options.

I want to try this out super bad! Get your bottle traveler mouthpiece from Waxmaid.

3" Silicone & Glass Hybrid Blunt Bubbler

These are super cool! Enjoy your blunt/joint with this hybrid bubbler that makes the smoking experience so much better!

It's only $15.99 and I think it's totally worth it! I've never smoked a joint through a bubbler. I love glass joint tips and they are what I use a lot, but this little cute thing seems like it changes the game.

12.6" Crystor Transparent Silicone Water Pipe with Dual Percolators

Whew, this is a clean piece! I am in love with the blue Crystor design, it reminds me of a bong that I own that I love.

7.87" Fountain Silicone & Glass Hybrid Water Pipe

This is one of their new arrivals! When you take hits the smoke comes out looking like a fountain, which makes it super cool!

This is another piece that seems like the perfect size for me! I love how it looks and I like the design.

This piece goes for $49.99, I'd definitely get it!

Do you see a piece that you would purchase?

The mini joint bubbler and the horn are my absolute favorite pieces. Waxmaid also offers nectar collectors if you're looking for a new piece! You can also find 4-piece grinders!

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