Mini Budz | Jesus OG

These buds pack a punch. I've never tried this brand but wasn't worried because I know that my dispensary sells chronic.

I got the strain Jesus OG because I love a good Indica. I was told that these buds still pack a punch even though they are small.

I'm no stranger to small nugs, or popcorn nugs, mainly because I buy popcorn buds a lot when I purchase ounces. Don't let the size fool ya. If it's some good dank then it'll be good big or small.

So, I got an eighth of Jesus OG.

This guy was $18.

I ended up bringing the final price down to $16 because I used the dispensaries in-store order system; that automatically adds a 10% discount to your order.

You know we love saving coins!

Overall, I naturally love this strain. It hits hard, it was grown well, and it tastes good!

Nothing weird about these buds.

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