Lets Hit The Hookah Bar

The last time I was at the hookah bar was probably in 2018?? I miss it!

I've been wanting to go since then, but so much has happened. I love hookahs, I like smoking hookah. It's not something that I do a lot, literally only once or twice a year in a club setting.

I do want to own my own hookah, I had one that I bought late 2018, but it was crappy so I threw it away.

My girls and I went to the same hookah club every time, I guess because it was in good proximity to all of our houses at the time.

This time, when we were at the hookah club, it happened to be some girl's birthday!

It was so funny. Her group of friends was right next to us and they were singing and dancing. That's when me and my black-ass friends joined and started dancing, twerking, singing, and clapping near our hookah!

Then a dance battle happened!!! HAHAHAHHA

It took me a while to get my phone out-- I guess because I wasn't thinking about it.

It was a good night!

Then the next time my friends went, without me, a shootout happened in the same club! SOOOOOOOOOOO we haven't gone there since!!!

So since we don't really want to go there, we might have "Bud That Finds" series where we hunt for the best hookah lounge in Seattle!?!? -- It will be hard because there's not really a lot of good ones.. but what do I know? That's why we might go on a hunt.

I would like to purchase a hookah before Christmas so that the girls and I can shesh with some CBD shisha!

Who needs the hookah lounge when you can turn your crib into the lounge?

Have you visited a hookah club before?

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