Lemon Thai Kush Pre-Rolls

Whenever I'm in Seattle I need to try to visit a new dispensary; so that's what I did! I visited The Joint in Seattle since it was close to where I needed to be at the time.

I didn't want to spend too much money, I picked up this pre-roll pack for $12. I wanted a hybrid so I took the first recommendation that the budtender gave me. This Lemon Thai Kush is what I ended up grabbing!

It was a 5 pack, but I had pulled one out of the package before taking the picture-- oops!

There were five 0.5g joints, I like 0.5g joints because it's the right amount for me. I can smoke a full gram joint, but I prefer smaller ones.

I love how on the package it tells you the effects! I've never seen that before, it could be a Seattle thing? Or it's brand specific, I don't know. I just loved it!

The package describes the effects of this strain as happy, stimulating, euphoric, and hungry. I would like to say, ten out of ten, no lies were told over here, sir.

The effects are amazing. I felt happy, but not an over-happy. I felt like I had a boost of extra energy as well. The mental effects are beautifully minimal, I was still able to focus and think properly.

I was walking the majority of the day and it was pretty warm outside; after finding a nice spot to relax and smoke before being where I had to be, I sparked one of these bad boys up and was contemplating sparking another! Side note: I smoked this after eating half of a Deli sandwich. I don't know if that is relevant, but the sandwich was delicious-- gotta love mom & pop sandwich shops!

The taste is good, I enjoyed how the joint burned. I'm a runner-- but this one lit great. It burned thoroughly until the end, which I appreciate.

I've been drawn more to joints, I'm a bong girl. This past year I've purchased more joints than ever because chilling with a nice joint is so relaxing.. plus if you can find a good deal, why not!?

Here is the information on the package.

Again, I really loved this stuff.

There was a total of 2.5g wrapped in the joints. And it's THC percentage is pretty low to me, at 16.3% I think that's why this is such a great option.

If you don't smoke a lot, but want to try out something that will allow them to still be present, I'd recommend this. I see myself smoking one of these joints and cleaning the whole house lol it makes you feel that good and energized!

I thought it was great. Would you try?

Have you tried Lemon Thai Kush before?

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