Kush & Cute High Healthy Hair Nourishing Oil

I got an amazing package in April! I purchased High Healthy Hair Nourishing Oil from Kush & Cute!

I'm so excited because I've been following the owner Iyana for a while and have been loving her cannabis journey. What better way to support someone that purchasing from them?

I use oils on my hair just about daily. I use hemp oil, jojoba oils, black castor oils, and so many other holy grail oils that allow you to maintain healthy hair.

I am absolutely in love with this oil. It smells great, I can't put my finger on some of those delicious fruity scents that I smell in this oil but it is very pleasing.

Since getting it, I've been using it about two to three times a week. After washing my hair, which I do about once a week, this oil is the one that I use on my clean scalp. The scent is so delicious on fresh clean hair!

It also feels great in my hair. I use it directly on my scalp then use my fingers to massage it down to the tips of my hair. I love how it makes my hair feel. It's a very light-weight oil that will soak into your hair and make your hair feel incredible.

I think that I forgot to mention that this oil is handmade!

There are so many benefits to using this oil including preventing hair breakage, stimulating hair growth, preventing dandruff, and it even has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

This oil starts at only $15. I suggest getting your hands on it immediately because this oil will go very fast.

Make sure that you check out the High Healthy Hair Nourishing Oil today and browse more homemade hemp goodies and accessories at Kush & Cute!

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