Ice Cream Pipe from ABSNT Minded

The holidays are over but I'm still getting some amazing goodies!

I won this super cute pipe from ABSNT Minded on Instagram-- they do contents pretty regularly so I would follow them if you want a fair chance for a nice piece of glass.

I wanted this piece because I've always wanted an Ice Cream piece! I've seen the silicone ones at 420 events but never got them because I'm a bong girl, but recently I've been building my hand pipe collection and I'm really happy with what I'm acquiring.

As you can see, the pipe features a single scoop of green ice cream on top of a cone. The bowl is the scoop of ice cream and the mouth hole is on the bottom of the cone. It's made fully from glass, no silicone. It's so smooth to the feel, light-weight, yet sturdy.

It's about the size of my palm and it also has a way for me to attach it to a string! (Guess who'll be wearing this to 2020 Seattle Hemp Fest!)

This is the perfect travel pipe. Also, packs a good-sized bowl. I like pipes that have plenty of space to load a bowl and this meets my requirements! Lovely piece.

Again, I love this piece so much! It's so adorable, it fits my personality, and it takes good hits.

Thanks again @liveABSNTminded for the opportunity to win this cute pipe. Their shop is located in Las Vegas, woot woot! (I plan on going to Vegas in March, I'll have to stop by their shop!)

If you'd like to check out ABSNT Minded and some of their selection then you can view their website.

Do you guys name your pieces!? I might name this one Pistachio because its green and my favorite green ice cream is pistachio.

What do you think about my new piece!? Do you have any cute shaped pipes? Comment below.

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