I Tried Vaporized Whiskey! | Glenfiddich Scotch

Oh my gosh, this was such a fun experience and one that I would definitely do again!

I will do it again!

When my boyfriend and I were at The Bite of Seattle last year, they had liquor booths/experiences set up!

One of them was for Glenfiddich. Glenfiddich is a brand of scotch whiskey. It was also my first time trying it.

We stood in a line and paid $1 each to enter. Not bad at all!

Once we got in, the circular tent was FULL of people. The center was a bar then there were spouts where the bartenders poured our flavor choice of whiskey into a cup.

Yes, I was double cup sipping.

The booth was incredible. There were colorful lights, glass balls of vaporized whiskey, drunk-happy people, and a few [non-alcoholic] freebies!

Here is a quick pan of the tent!

Then I built up the courage to try the vaporized whiskey!

I tried to get lit! I also had absolutely no idea how to do it, I guess!? I was trying to take a bong rip lol

I remember the aroma being so powerful yet smooth?!

So then I tried again.

They had maybe 6 of these giant balls all over the booth and they were spewing out vaporized whiskey! It was awesome and something that I've never seen before.

The quality of Glenfiddich was amazing, the drinks that were prepared for me were all full of flavor.

Have you ever tried vaporized whiskey? I know that they have at-home vapor machines for hard liquor so that you can have an alcohol smoking session at home.

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