I Tried Plain Jane CBD/Hemp Products!

Ahhhh! I tried Plain Jane and you guys... there's nothing plain about my girl, Jane!

Plain Jane is a CBD/Hemp company that focuses on giving you CBD products that are high-quality and affordable. One thing that immediately drew me to the company was their goal. Not only do they want to provide you with premium flower, but they take into mind your method of consumption. You guys-- they have CBD kief... KIEF! Along with their kief, they have CBD flower, joints, oils, shatter, and even pure CBD isolate. They want to make sure that you can consume their products in ways that are comfortable and familiar for you.

So basically what I'm saying is that they have the goods.

One of the reasons why you may want to start smoking CBD and hemp flower would be the medicinal benefits. You might experience pain relief, stress relief, anxiety relief, heightened mood, and an overall sense of calm-- all without the high that you would get from THC.

The hemp rolls had to be the product that I was the most excited to try because it's such an easy way to medicate and it's discreet.

You're getting their premium hemp flower rolled into a cigarette-like stick-- which makes these perfect for those who want to stop smoking!

There is no nicotine in these at all!

The Hemp Rolls come in a pack of 20. They are also pretty odorless, which I believe is the goal of the company as well.

I gave a few of these to some co-workers and friends! I got positive reviews! I have co-workers who are on the phones all day, so their smoke breaks are important. After smoking these, they said that their minds were clear and the hemp rolls made them feel peaceful. I had a few cigarette smokers who also tried these that gave me positive reviews as well; which shocked me! A few of those people have been on cigarettes for a while, so the positive reviews made me happy!

I love these as hemp rolls as well. My favorite time to smoke them was when I got home! What better way to put these to the test than trying them after a long day of work?

The feeling is incredible. I will admit, the papers aren't my favorite. But it didn't lessen the smoking experience, it just made me be more cautious for next time-- I tend to make joints run! But these papers seemed a little too thick.

Overall, I am so pleased with this product. I have always wanted to try hemp rolls and after learning about Plain Jane through the Blunt Blowin' Mama podcast, I had to give them a go! I am not disappointed.

I also had to make sure that I got thier pre-rolled joints!

Aw man, if these aren't apart of your self-care routine, add them now! Again, you're going to feel peaceful, relaxed, and just so ready to spark another joint.

These joints burn at a great pace. I prefer them over the hemp rolls-- but it's probably because I'm more used to smoking joints than cigarettes-- who knows, they were both yummy if we're being honest.

These joints come in 0.5gram pieces-- which a great amount! I can't finish a whole gram joint to myself without feeling like I wasted so much of it. So I thought that these were perfect sizes.

My co-worker got one, I got two, and my mom got the rest!! Everyone gives them five stars!

As to when I smoked?

I preferred to consume these at the end of the day just because I'm the type of smoker who doesn't like the scent of cannabis on me while I'm still going about my day at work. But I won't lie, I did smoke these during work lunches and did not feel guilty or feel stinky; which made me ecstatic.

Overall, I loved everything that I got from Plain Jane! There are so many more products that I want to get from their website. I truly trust their quality and after hearing people's responses to the products I let them try, I know that my trust is in the right hands!

The company wants to be transparent with its customers which is why they have their lab certificates available for you to see. There are companies out there who just expect you to trust what they say, but Plain Jane shows you. Respect.

So next, I'm definitely ordering the shatter, kief, and more flower! Stress Killer & Hawaiin Haze are at the top of my list!


I know what you may be thinking. "What about the CBD flower"? I have a fun plan for her! We're making a tincture! The steps and results will be posted on my blog!

Stay tuned!!

I'm turning my Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower into a tincture!!

Some for me,

some for my mom,

some for my best friend who's a mom.

Have you heard of Plain Jane? Visit their website to learn more and order today TryPlainJane.com

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