I Got An Ounce of Sugar Trim

Wow, so I went to my favorite dispensary with $54 on hand because that's how much an ounce of their popcorn buds are.

I walk in.

They're sold out

The next cheapest ounce was $60. The budtender showed me the flower and I laughed because I'm not paying sixty dollars from my bank account for that, especially because I'm supa broke!

So then I got walked over to the trim... Not bad, I buy trim sometimes as well as shake.

It's Sugar Trim...

An ounce of trim would come out to $60 too, so I got to choose 2 strains.

Not going to lie, I wasn't happy having to hit the ATM for a few extra dollars and I wasn't happy that I had to buy trim.

So I've never had sugar trim before. I told that to the budtender and she was nice at explaining what it was in a quick I-gotta-catch-my-bus-in-2-minutes manner. Because I did have to catch my bus in 2 minutes.

I chose Slurricane & Punch Break.

It will get the job done! I'm happy that I was able to acquire some weed, so I'm not so happy about what I had to get.

But I am enjoying the weed enough.

Individual reviews coming soon -- & so is the podcast!

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