Huckleberry Ray's Lemonade | 100mg

After being addicted to these delicious drinks for weeks, I was finally able to get my hands on the Huckleberry flavor of Ray's Lemonade!

The last time I was in the dispensary and asked for this flavor, the budtender told me that this flavor was really popular!

He said most of the employees get their hands on them first, then it sells out quick.

It's such a flavorful drink! I don't believe I've ever actually had a huckleberry? Maybe, maybe not.

This drink was beyond refreshing. And I slow sipped the entire thing over the course of a 3 hour period-- I cleaned the house and caught up on some TV!

I believe I have a few more flavors of Ray's Lemonades before I have finished all of them! My favorite has to be Blood Orange, second is Huckleberry!

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What's your favorite cannabis-infused drink?

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