How To Enhance Your Smoke Shesh!

Are you looking for simple things that you can do today that will enhance your overall smoking experience?

Check out the fun infographic we made!

We listed 5 things that you could do to elevate your next smoking sesh and all of the sessions that you have moving forward.

1.) Bud Jars

Make sure that you're storing your flower in a tight jar-- i.e mason jar. Not only will you be keeping the smell of the cannabis inside of the jar, but you will be keeping your weed potent and maintaining its shape. So no crushed buds!

2.) Clean Glass

Make sure that you're smoking out of clean glass! Not only will the weed hit better but you will be able to fully experience your weed! Taste and all!

Tip: If you have a bong that can hold ice, add ice! It cuts down the harshness of the smoke and inhaling cold smoke feels soooo good!

3.) Water

Stay hydrated! Hydration is important especially when you're smoking. Keep a glass of ice-cold water near your sesh spot for easy accessibility.

You might also like a hot drink like tea or coffee! But make sure that before and after your sesh your putting some H2O into your body!

4.) Hemp Wick

I recommend getting your hands on some hemp wick if you haven't before! It's easy to use, affordable, long-lasting, and it makes the smoking experience better. When you use hemp wick then you're eliminating a lighter-- which means no inhaling butane. You can find a lot of reputable hemp wick brands out there!

Tip: Keep a candle near your smoke area to allow you to light your hemp wick!

5.) Joint Clips & Tips

Keep your nails and lips safe with joint clips and tips. They are meant to extend the joint to allow you to easily smoke! They also make holding the joint/blunt so much easier.

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