Hookah Style Bong!?!

Ohhh. Myyyy. Gooooodnessss.

I kind of want one of these! I think that it's interesting and intriguing.

When I initially saw it, I was like... ehhhhhh. It looks interesting but, to me, it also looks like something that could be made at home?? Then I followed them.

I will support anyone with a vision in the cannabis industry! After having seen several of their posts and customers using it-- it seems sustainable. It seems easy! And the hookah style one has climbed to the top of my heart.

I checked out their website for the first time because I wasn't too interested initially.

But after thinking about how I could use it in my everyday life I knew that I wanted to finally check out the price tags.

Here's the baby that I want. Because of the affordability, I might try to purchase this instead of a hookah like I initially wanted. But who knows! I want a hookah really bad.

Doesn't it look nice!?

Yes yes yes! I think the Quart sized jar is a perfect size. You can check it out here!

Would you smoke out of this!? Comment below!

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