Hempology Spa | #CannaTravelDestinations

I've been following Hempology on Instagram since around October of 2019. They say they are the first CBD Beauty Bar & Wellness Spa located in Hollywood, CA.

"Our wellness treatments and CBD products  are a great way to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life."

They offer products and services that involve CBD and I'm so in love with it! Some of the services that they offer are lash lifts, canna tans, Vsteam therapy, and even detox wraps. For products they offer healing cream, wellness drops, and even CBD kush! Woah!

Since Hempology Spa is in Hollywood, California that means that we're going to have to make a trip! Which is what I've been planning since about October. For my birthday (Mar. 28) I want to go to L.A for a few days and we can totally make our way to Hollywood for a spa day. I've gotten my mom excited, my boyfriend would love it, and if we can get the funds and timing right I want my best friends to come with me too! We'd go the first or second week of April. We're still getting that planned out.

They have such a beautiful environment inside of their spa! Whenever I see them post their store I fall even more in love.

I want to go here soooooo bad!

Hempology Spa offers spa parties, you can get a little bit of a discount when you purchase a few services at once.

This place is a must-go because I would love to get treated with CBD by professionals! I'd love to get a luxurious spa experience with this amazing plant... and you know what the first thing I'm doing is? Getting a Vsteam!

I can't wait to go and get treated like a princess. Now that I think about it... I've never been to a spa!!

*gasp* Hempology is gonna take my spa-ginity.


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