Help Me Take This Cannabis Writing Course!

Hello, buds! I am reaching out for assistance because I really want to take CannaWrite's "Writing for the Legal Cannabis Industry"!

It's an online course that will teach students how to write marvelous legal content for the cannabis industry.

If you have been following this blog, you know that I love writing. I love creating stories and making relatable content. I also work at a marketing agency as my 9 to 5 and expanding my cannabis writing knowledge would allow me to open a new door in my career. I'm so passionate about cannabis and the education of the plant that being able to get well-paying cannabis writing jobs would benefit me undoubtedly.

I received the course information update via email and the course launches no later than February of 2020. The course fee is $500.

There are currently two options for payment; a one-time payment or two-month payment plan. I can't afford the course, even if I did the payment plan I couldn't guarantee being able to meet $250 a month because of other financial responsibilities.

So I'm asking if you could donate anything, I would appreciate it! All of the funds that I raise will go straight to the course.

If you would like to donate, you could donate via my PayPal

I appreciate any and everything! I'm trying hard to save up for this as well. Thanks to anyone who may share this post or wish me success! Any and all positive vibes are also very appreciated.

Again, you can donate to me via paypal or you can email me at for any reason.

Here is a small excerpt from the email from CannaWrite about the learning outcomes of the "Writing for the Legal Cannabis Industry" course.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this course, I intend that you will be able to:
Understand the opportunities for cannabis writing and content creation within the global cannabis industry;
Get a realistic picture of the life and work life of a full-time cannabis writer;
Develop your own goals and career trajectory in terms of how you contribute to the cannabis industry;
Define the different types of writing in the cannabis industry, and understand the differences and techniques involved in each type;
Refine and define your own writing style;
Thoroughly and prudently become a thoughtful researcher in the cannabis space by learning how to read and interpret research studies;
Recognize the areas of the cannabis industry in which you can build knowledge;
Build a timeline for your transition into the industry as a cannabis writer, including all the infrastructural needs to set up a small business;

Develop personal and professional efficacy in your cannabis writing career;
The curriculum outline is now available and can be viewed at the course site, which is hosted on Teachable. The course is now available for pre-registration, with the full course content being released no later than February 15, 2020.

Thanks again, everyone!

Accepting donations via PayPal! You can also send a donation to my paypal via email, my email is

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