Heady Holidays Event!

Winning this giveaway was such an awesome experience! I can't believe I got to go to such a great event with so many talented artists and walk away with so many goodies!

I entered for my mom, boyfriend, and I to win this event but unfortunately, since he couldn't come, my mom and I decided to make this a much-needed "girls trip" to Seattle. We left with the hopes of bringing home a nice pipe, no more than $40, for my mommy!

Enjoy these videos and photos from the event! It was such a great time! And the Mexican restaurant on the other end of the block-- absolutely slapped!

I was really excited to get my hands on some glass made by Seattle artists!

We ended up purchasing 4 different pipes for $10 each from "So Many Borosilicate Roads" then he threw one in there for us for free!! He was such an amazing artist and my mom and I love his work.

Neither one of us have had a new pipe in a while, so being able to get 5 for the price we were willing to spend on one made our night.

And I absolutely loved Knuckles Glass! He had an incredible selection of glass that my broke self couldn't afford on the spot, but I took his card and followed his Instagram because he has things that I really do want to own!

Then I saw these hash domes, made by Knuckles Glass and I almost freaked out! My boyfriend loves hash and funny enough, a few weeks ago he was telling me about hash domes but forgot the term for them.

I'm getting my hands on a hash dome for my baby!!

Then here is my mom with her new pieces! $10 a pop. So beautiful! I love the "sidecar" designed pipe that she has!! It's so cute.

Again, we had such a great night! So much love to Prime Glass Supply for putting his entire foot into that event-- it was wonderful!

Oh, and did I mention that there was an upstairs area to smoke?? It was wonderful!

I would actually like to book that place for my birthday hahahahahaha-- can I!?

Have you ever been to a glass event!? Did you enjoy it? Where was it?

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