It looks like Washington State is currently discussing a bill that would lower the legal THC limit of concentrates.

Huge thanks to @kushfamilyxcountrykushcrew on Instagram for their post-- this is what caught my attention and made me want to learn more

The website for HB 2546 can be found here.

It states that this bill is " Concerning the potency of marijuana products. "

If you scroll down the page, you will see a "Available Documents" section. You can find the details of the bill in PDF form there.

It starts out by saying

The legislature finds that high6 potency marijuana products are increasingly prevalent in the market. 7 Whereas the THC concentration of marijuana-infused edible products is 8 limited to ten percent by state law and the THC concentration of 9 marijuana flower is biologically limited, there is currently no limit 10 on the potency of marijuana concentrates such as THC-infused vape 11 oils. These types of high-potency marijuana products are available 12 with a THC concentration of almost one hundred percent THC.

And as I'm skimming this document while I'm at my work desk (hehe) I am seeing a lot of restrictions being stated in this bill. I'm trying to read to understand but will truly push back the market!

I was thinking about the fact that most concentrates are way over 10% and most people who buy concentrates for medical reasons probably need the high dosage! As I was thinking that I passed this section (page 5, line 7)

Only marijuana retailers who hold a medical marijuana 8 endorsement issued under this section may sell marijuana concentrates 9 with a THC concentration greater than ten percent THC. Marijuana 10 concentrates with a THC concentration greater than ten percent may be 11 sold only to qualifying patients and designated providers who are 12 entered into the medical marijuana authorization database and who 13 hold a valid recognition card.

Well dang. I understand.. I do but wow.

To see the full 2546 PDF click here.

You can also comment on this bill. When you comment you will be given the ability to "support", "oppose", or be "neutral" then leave a comment if you wish.

There will also be a hearing but I have yet to find that information. I will update this post with the appropriate information when I find it.

Any thought? Comment below!

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